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Download a variety of resources like player aids we find useful or print & play games we think are awesome!


Print & Play Games


The Lost Socks Print & Play Board Game

Selected 2nd Overall in a Board Game Geek (BGG) design contest, you too can have fun testing out The Lost Socks!

The Lost Socks is a set collection game about the stylish world of socks! Players take turns purchasing, trading, storing, and laundering their collection of unique and stylish socks. Wearing socks earns style points based on the set type, current season, and cleanliness.  Heading to the laundromat is a must, but be careful washing your favorite pairs, for some strange reason socks sometimes go missing! 

The Lost Socks Print & Play – Full Color v1.3 (.pdf)

The Lost Socks Print & Play – Low Ink/Grayscale v1.3 (.pdf)


Player Aids


Parade Player Aid

We decided to take a crack at helping others learn one of our favorite small games a bit more easily with this box-sized visual players aid! Print one side for simple instructions and the a back side (or second sheet) for a visual guide to understanding the card movement.

Parade Player Aid (.pdf)





Tabletop Theme Music

I don’t know about you folks, but I love having some mood-setting music to go with my tabletop immersion experience, my suspension of disbelief, so-to-speak. Often times a quick Youtube search is all I need to find something applicable. Playing Tales of Arabian Nights? How about some Middle-Eastern notes? Or maybe you’re playing something in the horror genre, if it isn’t Mansions of Madness (which has its own light music through the iPad app), how about some spooky background sounds or eerie Halloween-themed music?

You get where I’m going with this…. every once in a while, however, a youtube search yields too many results, or just not quite what I’m lookin for, and while the music is a cool part of the tabletop experience (just like it is in video games), we all want to get to the gaming.

So without further ado, I present to you, my curated list (being updated all the time) of background music by theme and games. [Under construction, will be adding more soon]

*Note: Two Pips does not own any of the music promoted.


Japanese Style Music

Try With: Traders of Osaka, Takenoko, Tokaido, Saumari Spirit, Upbeat Traditional Japanese Music, Shogun

Medieval or Renaissance Era Music

Try With: Settlers of Catan, Love Letter, Robber Knights, Sheriff of Nottingham, Council of Verona


Check out Fantasy & World Music by the Fiechters CD Called Camelot on iTunes.

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