About Us

Jessica Loredo and Richard Yambo

Two Pips is owned by Richard Yambo and Jessica Loredo. We started the company in 2017 as a way to combine our passion for board games and digital design. Jessica works as a professional user experience designer and has a master’s in digital game development with a concentration in game art. She has created a handful of small games in her time but focuses mostly on UI/UX design in her professional career. Richard has a background in media but is currently employed in the finance industry. However, it is his passion for board games that brought them together as a couple and over time their love for each other, along with their board game collection, vastly grew into the partnership of a lifetime! Two Pips is most certainly our brain child!

Our overall mission for Two Pips is to share what we value: live playfully! We think games (board or video) are an important part of life as they keep our minds and bodies healthy (hey now, Dance Dance Revolution was a phenomenon!) in a myriad of ways, but most importantly by bringing joy into our lives! Not surprisingly, studies are beginning to show the many positive benefits of playing games (for example this great article on the positive impact for kids). But beyond that, I think any of us who have sat with friends or family laughing over a shared board or video game know the benefits of simply being with those you love.

At Two Pips, we are passionate about games and cherish all the creativity that goes into creating them. We believe our products represent that creativity and hope that our designs bring joy into your life as you continue to live playfully!